Jerry Garfield

Founded in 1987, Garfield Leadership & Management Development Services provides strategic coaching and training programs to advance the productivity of leaders, managers, and their teams. Formal evaluations by our clients in industry, government, and the nonprofit sector rate our work as “highly effective,” and “exceeding expectations.”

Jerry Garfield is a former corporate manager and nonprofit executive. Proven tools and strategies come from coaching individuals on-the-job and between jobs in support of their professional and career development.

For fourteen years, Jerry served in the health care industry as a senior corporate manager and consultant. He worked on a variety of system-wide change initiatives, including mergers, acquisitions, and reductions in workforce, as well as enhanced leadership reach and effectiveness of individual executives and their teams.

Jerry is co-founder and curriculum designer of the Marin Leaders Institute, a yearlong leadership development program for executive directors. As organizational coach/consultant to the Ford Foundation, Jerry designed work-life balance strategies in three Fortune 100 companies. He serves as executive leadership coach to “emerging leaders in healthcare” for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Clinical Leadership Institute at the University of California, San Francisco.

Jerry holds a BS degree in Mass Communication from the University of Illinois and an MSW from the University of Michigan. He is a certified trainer of organization change and transition management methods, and has served as adjunct faculty to the University of San Francisco, College of Professional Studies, and JFK University’s Program in Organizational Psychology of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

Published articles on effective methods for the professional development of executives (“Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today,” Consulting Today), team building (“Building Effective Teams in Real Time,” Harvard Management Update), and work/life balance strategies (“Re-linking Life and Work: Toward a Better Future,” Ford Foundation publication) can be found on the Internet through links on our Resources Publications page.