Are you looking to do more at your present position than just get by? Do you want to make real progress up the career ladder or across the career lattice?

What’s the difference between “just getting by” and making real progress up the career ladder or across the career lattice? The answer is planning, preparation, and perspiration. Research shows a greater “return on perspiration” by boosting your strengths and successes than trying to improve weak areas of performance. Our career coaching focuses on your natural abilities and builds on your talents, accomplishments, and network. For real and sustained advancement, we assist you to do more fully what you are already doing well!

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Are you between jobs and wondering, “What’s next?” Our “job preference profile” will help you find the right position in the right company for you.

Our research reveals 40% of those searching for a new job are not clear about what type of position they really want or the type of work or company best suited for them. Worse yet, many don’t fully appreciate their strengths, the foundation for their best efforts. No wonder looking for work is a struggle!

With our career development service, create your own “job preference profile,” an inventory of your strengths, skills, and the type of company or organization best suited for you. Use your profile’s results to align your resume, networking efforts, and job interviews. This will forge a strong link between your job wishes and your next employer’s needs.

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To learn about the interactive presentation Changing Jobs: Solid Tips for Managing the Frustrating Ups and Downs and Twists and Turns of Your Job Search, see Speaking Presentations.