Awkward Situations Well
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What are proven approaches to managing conflicts and awkward situations that threaten how well staff work together?

As common as conflicts and awkward situations are at work, skill handling them is highly variable and often deficient. Ignoring what’s going on or making feeble attempts to “settle things” usually fail. Promoting staff members’ shared interests in your organization’s purpose and business goals deepens collaboration, motivation, and productivity.

Collaboration and motivation get a boost when conflicts are managed well.

To confront literally means to “meet facing”—to seek to discover common intentions and interests. Well-managed confrontations promote understanding, new ideas about getting work done, and improved ways to collaborate—all positive influences on motivation and productivity.

Try these dos and don’ts next time you find yourself heading toward a confrontation or caught in an awkward situation.

Do state your intentions at the top: a desire to understand what is going on, to identify common interests, and to find productive ways to work together toward agreed-upon outcomes.

Don’t blame. Transform the urge to ask, “What wrong with you?” to “Let’s figure out what’s going on here for our mutual benefit.”

Do focus on outcomes that will resolve what is conflicted and thereby benefit the organization.

Do work together to prevent causes and conditions that create conflict and awkward situations.

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