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How can my leadership team be more solid and productive?

Is your leadership team doing “just ok,” keeping its head above water during these turbulent times of change and uncertainty? Would a more solid, productive team increase your confidence about their tackling priorities and attaining bottom line production and program goals?

In today’s ever-changing, highly competitive marketplace, leadership teams must be nimble and decisive. Team success depends on the right mix of know-how and skills.

Solid, productive leadership teams must have the right mix of know-how and skills:

  • Technical expertise to ensure everyone knows what to do and how best to do it.
  • The right kinds of problem solving methods and the best ways to make decisions.
  • Strong interpersonal agreements that hold the team together to do “our best work.”

A solid team is all about we not me, and gives itself a “high five.”

Successful teams rally around their organization’s mission and their team’s purpose. Members insure all “high five” components of successful teams are defined, clear, and operational: our goals; what we value and why; our roles; ways we prefer to communicate with one another; and, what it means to be a productive member.

It takes time, commitment, and hard work to develop a more solid, productive team. An upbeat place to start is with well-earned team successes.

Team development gets a positive jump-start when members identify and build on “what’s working well” for their team. Use past successes that represent the team’s strengths—our team at its best—to ask, “What would it take for us to do even better than we are doing?” Together, draft a clear statement of purpose that takes into account current internal and market opportunities and challenges. Next, create specific goals to achieve the purpose. Finally, create agreements as to “ways we want to work together to achieve our best, most productive results.”

Team productivity is boosted as well by enhancing leadership and collaboration, deepening trust, boosting technical and planning capacities, clarifying accountabilities, improving decision-making, and running tighter, more focused meetings.

By adding value to your team, your team will value development as an ongoing opportunity to improve “how we do our best, most productive work together.”

A reference on Building Effective Teams in Real Time is found at Publications Resources.

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