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How can my leadership boost staff motivation—particularly during these uncertain times?

When motivation slumps and production lags, leaders and managers must draw on management fundamentals. Communicate your organization’s unique purpose and priorities. Recognize individual and team contributions to the bottom line. Commit resources that support staff’s most productive work efforts.

Communicate frequently and in various ways

Regularly ask your employees what they are thinking and feeling about how work is getting done. Share what is on your mind. Tell them what you are doing. Learn together “what’s working well” and “what’s getting in the way” of success.

Frequent, meaningful communication between management and employees—in varied formats—deepens connection and broadens what it means to be working together. Meaningful connection leads to increased commitment to the work effort and boosts motivation.

Recognize the impact of contributions to the bottom line

Boost motivation by telling staff how their day-to-day contributions really do make a difference to the bottom line. When employees are recognized for how productive they are, they feel more confident and take greater pride in their work. Motivation and morale increase when employee, team, and work group efforts are recognized for “a job well done.”

As well, remind your employees of what’s unique about your organization. Tell them how its larger mission inspires you. Ask what it means to them. Express confidence in “here’s what you can do” to ensure priority business goals are successfully achieved.

Commit resources that support employees’ most productive work efforts

Ask employees what supports their most productive work efforts. Invite them into conversations about how they work and what they do well. People want to feel good about the work they do. To be productive, people need productive work to do—and a voice in how resources support their best work.

To inquire about more ways your leadership can boost your staff’s motivation and production, contact us now.