Our clients come from a wide range of industries, occupations, and positions. The use of strategic coaching, training, and consulting has advanced productivity of individuals, small work groups, and whole departments and management teams since 1987.

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Jerry provided executive coaching to members of my senior management team and helped them with supervisory challenges. I came to rely more and more on his training and experience. He was extremely helpful to me.

Gary J. Passama, President/CEO
NorthBay Healthcare System
Fairfield, CA

As a leadership coach, Jerry is a very good listener. He asks for details, assesses the situation, and then offers strategies tailor-made to the situation and me. His step-by-step method I call an “arrowhead approach”—focused, custom-made and “to the point.” As a result of our close association, I have acquired new problem solving skills.

Inder Wadhwa, Executive Director
Northern Valley Indian Health, Inc.
Chico, CA

Jerry is a rare combination of someone who has the good judgment to know when to let people work through their own course and the skills to assist them when they need it. The staff uniformly appreciated Jerry’s gentle and flexible demeanor as well as his insights into organizational quagmires and how to get out of them.

Dr. Robert Prentice, Senior Associate
Public Health Policy and Practice,
Partnership for the Public’s Health
Oakland, CA

The capacity for change exists when people own the problem and want to do something about it. Jerry’s skills as a group leader provided the support, guidance and safety for real change to occur.

Andrea S. Taylor, Assistant Director
Temple University’s Center for
Intergenerational Research and Practice
Philadelphia, PA

Jerry and I collaborated closely on a long-term team development project with senior management. I was impressed with his perceptive analysis of team dynamics, his creative interventions, and his skill in coaching and dealing effectively with high-level managers.

Thomas J. Ucko, Principal
Ucko Affiliates
Corte Madera, CA

Jerry helped several senior executives build a trusting and revealing relationship with each other. His work promoted camaraderie in this smaller group that was completely missing in the larger senior management team, resulting in easier decision-making about difficult issues.

Elnora Cameron, President
NorthBay Health Advantage
Fairfield, CA

As a career coach, you've taken a unique approach to helping one uncover and focus on how to blend what makes you happy with what you do.

John Schwartz,

I am definitely more able to address staff issues promptly. I have the ability not only to know (“sense”) when there are issues with staff members. I have gained the confidence to address them and to find a resolution very quickly.

Executive Director,
Marin Leaders Institute

Jerry’s planning questions and timing were key. He did not provide answers, but enabled each person to consider the ultimate goal of the program. What followed was a shift from ‘old’ to ‘new’ thinking. An entirely different approach emerged that allowed for a more participatory, inclusive plan which, when carried out, proved highly successful.

Dr. R. Greenberg, Specialist
Early Childhood Intervention

Thanks for your skillful and sensitive facilitation of our retreat. We had such a short time, and you helped us make the best of it. I especially appreciate your sensing the importance of sticking with the discussion about roles, rather than moving to the planned discussion of management decisions, to address the concern about this area.

Merrilee Harrigan, Vice President for Education
Alliance to Save Energy
Washington, D.C.