Professional Development
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Multiple Opportunities For Professional Growth

Capitalize on management best practices from all three sectors of the marketplace

We draw on “best practices” gathered from our twenty-five years of global and nationwide work with private businesses, nonprofit agencies, and government entities. Ongoing success with leaders, department heads and their direct reports, teams, and work groups provides a distinctive toolkit of proven tools and strategies to boost your productivity and your team’s.

Benefit from professional development methods that build on your strengths and track record

Research shows you get a greater “return on investment” by boosting your strengths and track record than trying to improve weak areas of performance. We use professional development methods selectively— coaching, training, mentoring, and organization-wide consultation—to strengthen your unique abilities, meet your performance challenges, and boost your productivity.

Enhance how well you use five critical management keys

Our holistic approach to your professional development increases how well you use five key management components in partnership with one another—leadership, teamwork, supervision & delegation, meeting management, and conflict management. Like an expert pianist, the more keys you play well, the better the sound.

A Candid View of Our Biases

It pays to emphasize strengths and what’s working well

Research shows it pays to focus on employees’ strengths and “what’s working well.” When employees know how productive they are, they feel more confident and take greater pride in their work. Motivation and morale increase when an employee’s efforts are recognized for “a job well done.”

Listen and learn from those resisting change

Listen carefully to those who resist change in your organization—whether to a new policy or a hard-won merger. Those who resist are holding on to something important, something that is not being properly honored. Take time to discover what needs honoring and learn how best to honor it. When conveyed in a meaningful way, honoring reduces resistance.

Welcome conflict as an opportunity to clarify shared purpose

Work done well will bring people to points of disagreement and competing preferences. This kind of conflict is not a failure of work but rather one of the expected paradoxes of success. Confrontation that engages conflict becomes an opportunity to deepen how best to achieve your organization’s purpose as well as approaches for getting work done successfully. In this way, conflict is a means by which purpose is clarified and commitment and motivation deepened.

Talk with employees about your thoughts and feelings, and theirs,
to increase productivity

Regularly take the measure of what employees are thinking and feeling about how work is getting done. Share what is on your mind. Frequent, meaningful communication between management and employees deepens connection and broadens what it means to be working together and succeeding. Meaningful connections support loyalty and boost motivation.