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Advancing your professional development gives you an edge to advance
at your present job

Today’s leaders and managers find themselves facing two imposing challenges: the demands of daily work pressures and a highly competitive, volatile marketplace that chips away at job security. No wonder so many of us worry about holding on to our jobs!

Advancing your professional development increases your productivity, which makes you more valuable to your organization. As a more valued employee, you have a competitive edge over others and, as an influential contributor, a more secured position.

Now is the best time to expand your leading and managing toolkit.

In these volatile times, past solutions don’t work for current problems. Current problems don’t contain easily identifiable solutions. Leaders and managers are yanked from the familiar and plunged into the unfamiliar, from what feels safe to what feels risky, from what they know how to do well to what they don’t know how best to handle. Is it a time of despair or of opportunity?

We think this is an opportune time to learn new tools and strategies. The challenges before you provide learning opportunities for developing new ways of thinking, new approaches to problem solving, and more effective ways of leading and managing.

What you know, how you act, and your mind-set all impact how well you lead and manage.

Our extensive work with leaders and managers nationally and globally over twenty-two years demonstrates that your effectiveness comes down to what you know, how you act, and your mind-set or attitude. We work with you to develop all three areas simultaneously. This synergistic approach increases your productivity significantly.

Our professional development methods include coaching, training, and team consultation. Tools and strategies are based on the best management practices found in industry, nonprofit agencies, and government.

In addition to our work with individuals, we coach bosses and their direct reports, management teams, department heads, and work groups.

To learn more about tools and strategies to advance your professional development at your present job, contact us now.

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