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Interactive discussions, speeches, and workshops for professional and service organizations, small businesses, large corporations, or private groups are available on request. Fall 2009 presentations are listed below.

Leading and Managing Change in These Uncertain Times

It’s hard enough to manage predictable changes that come along in the life of any organization. In these uncertain times, unpredictable changes produce loss of continuity and confusion.

In these volatile times we are yanked from the familiar and plunged into the unfamiliar, from what feels safe to what feels risky, from what we know how to do well to what we don’t know how best to handle. Past solutions don’t work for present problems. Present problems don’t contain predictable solutions.

This talk, in workshop format as well, demonstrates how leaders and managers can think and act differently about change and its uncertainty. Tools and strategies that sustain continuity and productivity are fully illustrated.

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Rethinking How Best to Handle Problems, Dilemmas,
and Confrontations

Everyone likes to solve problems and most of us are good at it. But what happens when a dilemma is masquerading as a recurring problem?

What happens when confrontations lead to fights rather than opportunities to deepen the way work gets done?

In this presentation, proven approaches show how to sort out dilemmas from problems, as well as confront situations and individuals that stand in the way of progress.

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Changing Jobs: Solid Tips for Managing the Frustrating
Ups and Downs and Twists and Turns of Your Job Search

Changing jobs is one of the most difficult and challenging transitions we experience. Unfortunately, we can expect to change jobs several times during our working lives.

Just as unfortunately, many of us don’t know how best to take care of ourselves during these turbulent times. In transition, anxieties, worries, and nagging questions can take over our lives.

Learn effective ways to manage the three phases of job transition and four highly effective strategies for navigating through unemployment: play tennis, send valentines, learn to speak French, and meditate!

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